Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 6 of 77 Watching- March 25, 2012

2 items today:

1. More evidence of the approach of the destroyer. We can start with this headline from the lamestream media

6,000 records broken for warmth. This past week I saw smoking gun evidence of the presence of the destroyer on the back side of the earth (side facing away from sun). The disturbance to the magnetosphere on that side by a sun like object is proof positive that this object is there and that it is close. The Lord also confirmed to me with 3 witnesses that this warmth is connected to the volcanism which is connected to the earth outgassing all over the United States (link below) which is connected to the existence of this destroyer.

Here's the deal with this destroyer and how the evidence is being handled by the world. Each piece of evidence is being treated as an isolated incident. No attempts are made by any of the media outlets or most of the population to link the evidence together. This is a great tactic for reporting to people who would rather not know the truth. Any analyst however, that is worth his title takes data points/pieces of evidence and finds the NEXUS that links them together.

Ask any intel professional how the job gets done in the real world. The evidence must be linked and it must make sense. How many theories do you know of right now that explains all of the evidence we are seeing in one coherent theory? Norway spiral, bird deaths, dolphin deaths, sea lion deaths, honey bee deaths, solar activity, comet activity, magnetosphere anomalies, strange sounds heard across the world, WW3 at the brink, economic collapse, the denver airport murals, apostasy in the churches, massive dark coronal hole shaped like a triangle or a cloaked figure, earthquakes increasing in intensity and frequency, data manipulation of space based data by the governments of the world, chemtrails, tornadoes in February etc. The list is getting very long and there is a thread that runs through all of it. There is a nexus. Most people would rather bury their head and wish it all away.

The revealing/revelation is beginning and the world is not happy about it. Its getting harder and harder to bury their head when the hole they dig to bury it is shaking like a washing machine on spin cycle. At that point all these people can do is close their eyes and say "this isnt happening, this isnt happening!" but it is happening. The time people have to give their Creator the cold shoulder is coming to an end.

The movie 2012 started with a scene that showed people down in a mine in india with a hole in the ground filled with boiling water from the heat in the earths core. Watch the volcano activity, watch the outgassing across the U.S. Its another piece of the puzzle and it fits without having to be forced into place, the destroyer is coming.

2. Preparing our defense. We will all stand before the Lord and give an account for ourselves. The Lord impressed upon me the need for us to spend more time in His Word to prepare ourselves for what is coming. When the Lord asks us to give an account for ourselves, it will be good for us to have His own Word flowing out of our mouths, back to Him in defense of our lives. I cannot imagine that as we answer for ourselves before Him He will take away our Helper the Holy Spirit who brings to mind the Word when we need it. Our judge and our defense team are the same one God. Interesting :-).

A last note on this 77 day watch I am doing. There are so many days where things are not perfect. I want to spend time with the Lord but my wife or kids are doing something or want something or something else is going on in the house, I won't feel good, I have a hard time thinking straight, and any number of other things is going on to distract me but I spend the time with Him anyway. Sometimes I just stare at the pages in a mental fog asking the Lord for help because I have a hard time thinking. I tell you these things to give you an idea of how imperfect this brother is and all the imperfections that get in the way of an ideal time with the Lord but we have to get together with Him anyway in spite of all the obstacles. The Lord knows our hearts, the effort to be with Him counts. We may not feel like we are getting anything accomplished because of how imperfect these times are but we need to press forward anyway.

The Lord knows what we are facing, how bad we feel, that we cant think straight half the time, that we have distractions etc. He knows. We need to take the attitude of soldiers and at least attempt to do what we think we should be doing even if it seems to end in failure most of the time. The Lord credits us for our effort, for our will to be with Him and please Him. Don't give up. The hour appears to be late.

May the love, peace, joy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us.