Tuesday, April 02, 2024

But Wait, There is More!

 So not only do we have an X over America-crossroads eclipse coming, and blood moons on Purim 2024-2026 but there is also a comet coming in called "the devil's comet" and the view of this thing toward the end of the video (the view from New York he shows) looks spectacular in a menacing way.

Solar eclipses, blood moon/lunar eclipses and comets all stacked on top of each other at about the same time?  Yep.  Problem is, society today with the internet, tic tok and facebook has been so mentally warped that all of these signs stacked together are just a tad bit above meaningless.  The ancients would have canceled all public events and gone to the priests immediately for a heavenly display like this one.  Today, most people who know about it probably shrug the shoulders and go back to whatever meaningless things they do under the sun.

As if all this ^^^ were not enough.  Orange man bad/potential anti-Christ is just waiting in the wings to take over.  Each day more info comes out as damning confirmation that Orange man actually is bad...So the world once again has a choice between demon A and demon B.  The only alternative is to turn our faces up to heaven and plead with the Lord God for deliverance from these demonic psychopaths.  And that is likely the whole point.  What did the Lord say about a great deception?

Before this one gets pasted in, the verse number just slapped this servant across the head-wait-what???

For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

Whats the verse number for this ^^^?

Matt 24:24

24 and 24 in 2024, a double tap confirmation.  Wow.  So, with all this going on-all the evidence piling up does it change this:

1. repent, 2. revival, 3 righteousness

(the Spirit's prescription for believers today)

Nope, not a thing has changed.  Regardless of what happens we need to be absolutely centered in our Lord's will and plans and that 1,2,3 prescription above is the right answer for whatever comes next.  We need to be ready for all possibilities.  This might take some months to play out, maybe so maybe not but remember X over America 4/8 plus 40 days takes us to pentecost (40 days plus 1) which is in May, then 4 or so months later is Feast of Trumpets.

We have to remember that the spring feasts have all been fulfilled literally to the day.  That does not mean the Lord is restricted in any way by a promise no man knows the day or hour because that leaves the door wide open.  However, this window to repent, revive and stand in righteousness appears appropriate and highly likely given what the Lord told us here:

Eph 5:27

27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

The ancient world would have already been repenting in dust and ashes but many today are too busy pointing out little minutiae that "doesn't fit" while they get run over by the celestial freight train coming down the tracks at their forehead.  The stage is set and its amazing to behold.  We who believe would be wise to get really really really ready.  If the rug gets pulled out from underneath this worlds feet and people find themselves standing before the Lord we can imagine what He is going to say to them:  "what else did I have to send you to wake you up?"  We are not those who need a cattle prod for the Lord God to get our attention.  He needs to have our full attention right now, today.

Get ready guys, things are likely to get spicy in the not too distant future.  

Glory to God

grace and peace