Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Coming of Anti-Christ...."Believe"

I was watching Larry King two nights ago and he was interviewing a magician named "Chris Angel" who has a new show in Vegas that will be running for the next 10 years called "BELIEVE." I did'nt think much of it, the yesterday I was reading an article about dismal holiday sales in 2008 on and there was a picture of a man walking through a mall, and on the side of his bag in big white letters it said "Believe." That word on the side of the bag had nothing to do with the news article and I've never ..EVER seen a mall shopping bad with a big white BELIEVE written aross it. If the Holy Spirit would not have brought it to my attention, I would have missed it completely. Once he brought it to my attention it was completely out of place. It was blatant subliminal programming, hidden in plain view. I looked for it this morning and could'nt find it again to show you. I did'nt say anything about it but told the Lord "okay, if I see it again soon I'm going to say something, I'll know its being "worked"

This morning, day 3 of 3 in a row, I saw it again so this time I'm putting it out there. I think it has been brought to my attention that the artillery barrage has been started for the final assault that will bring anti-christ to this world's attention. The "Believe" message is being plastered all over the place, hidden in plain sight. "Believe" is what the anti-christ wants you to do, believe that he is "the one."

I will be looking for more examples of this and as I see them, I'll post them here. I was'nt looking for this, the Holy Spirit directed my attention to it. The only one of the 3 examples I can link to is the one above, but if this is ongoing, I'll see more and post them. We are so close. 2009, the rise of Barack which means "lightning" in Hebrew its all so coincidental, collapsing economy, war in Israel all at the same time. Ya think we should be watching for Jesus? Keep your eyes on the prize, remain "in Christ." You are dearly loved, grace and peace