Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another M6.0 Earthquake. Time May Be Short

The Lord is shaking the earth.  I believe the Lord told me "now the end begins" the morning after Obama was (s)elected.  Israel has begun attacks on Hamas and apparently that is not where hostilities will end.

Now the gloves come off.  Israel knows they have no friend in America any longer so they do what they must do for their own survival.  I cannot list the number of sources I have seen over the past 48 hours that indicate red alert over the next 60 days.

We must be on very high alert for big events.  Redemption and sudden destruction happen at the same time.  That is how fast things can change.  This brother has no idea what is going to happen but the most obvious event on the near term horizon is war that could engulf the entire world...

Things could get out of hand quickly and who knows if now is the time the Lord removes the Restrainer.  Because we do not know, we must be watching and ready.

The Lord is shaking the earth every single day now.  Read Jeremiah 50-51, read how the Lord will shake this place.  How and when things will happen I don't know, just be ready.

Grace and peace