Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Condemning "Closet Christians?"

I read an article recently that condemned "closet christians." The article said that its ok to pray in your "closet" but after praying you need to get out and "get involved." That sounds great until you realize that NOWHERE in the bible will you read anything even remotely supportive of that argument. I debated with one of these people once, and they came back at me asking if I advocate "doing nothing?" See, to these people praying is "doing nothing," reading your bible is "doing nothing," in fact, almost everything you saw Jesus do in the gospel accounts was "doing nothing." Jesus did ALOT of praying alone, BZZZZZZZTTTT DOES'NT COUNT according to apostianities reckoning. Jesus did'nt "get involved" with the Roman government of his time to make it more friendly to christianity. He did'nt picket or protest or get involved with Roman politics IN ANY WAY. Let's think about other bible examples, how about Joseph or Moses. They both ended up as high ranking officials within the Egyptian government and NOWHERE do we read about them changing Egypt for Christ or God the Father...ITS NOT IN THERE. Gosh, according to todays form of babylonianity they "did nothing," they were "closet jews."

Read your bibles people, today's apostate preachers and teachers are OF THIS WORLD so they speak FROM THE VIEWPOINT OF THIS WORLD. Here's a newsflash for them: OUR KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD.

These people say that wickedness is encroaching on the christian way of life, they are right, IT ALWAYS HAS. But here's another newsflash for these babylonian christians WE WAR NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD. So go ahead, picket, protest, "get involved" ALL YOU WANT, satan is laughing his head off at you. Todays so called christians are a joke, all their efforts add up to nothing. Do you think satan trembles when you attend a political rally to support your latest and greatest corrupt politician who is going to "make a difference" for you? Do you think he trembles when you go to a babylonian so called christian youth camp to "make a difference?" Give me a break.

When you pray, and when your prayers are heard, satan trembles, now THAT is making a difference. The ways of our Fathers kingdom are foolishness to this world and those who belong to it, but the Fathers ways are filled with power. Read your bibles and WAKE UP. When the people of this world spout the same old tired, worn out sermonizing at you, preaching the worlds ways and means, don't walk, but RUN the other way and never turn back. These men are fools.

Jesus did NOT get involved with Roman politics, when he had a chance to speak to roman politicians he said almost nothing (pilate). Jesus DID pray, he did heal the sick, restore sight to the blind, cure lepers, raise the dead, he DID CONDEMN THE RELIGIOUS LEADERS OF HIS DAY. Curious thing, I never hear these babylonian christians telling anyone to do what Jesus did to "make a difference."

1 John 2 :6 He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.

Condemning religious leaders of today and praying don't seem to be very popular with todays apostate teachers, but THATS WHAT JESUS DID. The things Jesus did don't seem to count much towards credit with the world and vice versa. If you want to serve the world and "make a difference" in it, then by all means, do things that count toward changing the world. If however, you want to serve Jesus, read your bibles and find out what counts toward credit with him.

Todays so called christians work to change the whole world but never take a hard look at themselves. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul? Matt 16:26
How foolish. There are so called christians by the MILLIONS in this world, and they ALL think they are going to heaven, they all think they are 'saved' yet the bible clearly says that only a few are going to make it in (Matt 7:14). There is precious little time left to WAKE UP and get right with the Lord. So called christianity will not save you, your babylonian priest/pastor won't save you, your so called christian friends wont save you, a false christ wont save you. Only Jesus, the true son of God will save you. Better find him before its too late.

grace and peace