Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yom Teru'ah (The Feast of Trumpets) – (Leviticus 23: 24)-AKA Feast of TRUMPETS, 6 days from Today.

The name Rosh Hashanah means the (Jewish) New Year. It also is the following:

Tishri 1
The day no man can know the day or the hour
The day of the new moon
The day of the blowing of the Trumpets
The day of the last trump
The day of the awakening blast
The day of the Resurrection
The beginning of the 10 days of awe
One long day
The Day of the King (coronation)
The day the King takes a bride (wedding)
The day that all men will pass under the rod
The day that God divides mankind into 3 categories; the Wholly Righteous, Wholly Wicked, and the Intermediates.

There's no time left to hide your head in the sand. This world is about to turn upside down. In case you have'nt been watching, the entire financial system is about to collapse. Many baby boomers have had their life savings evaporate overnight due to the greed and corruption of those who rule this world. This financial instability is causing significant unrest. I can tell you for a fact that the rapture of the church is the trigger that will finally flip this world over on its head. Things have been allowed to deteriorate to a point where the removal of the last salt and light (true believers) from this world will be DEVASTATING.

The days of repentance leading up to Rosh Hashahah are meant to get your attention focused back on the creator. Thats what the design was for the Jews, thats what the design is for us. To get us to WAKE UP. The economy, WW3, the imminent arrival of the anti-christ are all sideshows. The main event will be the rapture, the escape, the subsequent judgement of unbelievers in this world and a hope and prayer, a last chance for those on earth to turn back to their creator in repentance. That's the real event.

All of the spring feasts have been fulfilled literally, to the day. Why would this first fall feast (Rosh Hashanah) be any different? That does'nt mean this year necessarily, but it COULD BE this year, like a week from today. What if Jesus comes back sometime over the next 7 days for his bride? Will you be watching? Will you be ready? All this mayhem in the world around us could very well be a last of the last of the last WAKE UP, WARNING calls. Typically, until things get really bad, people forget about their maker. When things finally do get so bad that they can't take it anymore, SOME turn back to God. Most don't. Remember the parable of the virgins in Matt 25. The virgins who were READY went in to the marriage. The ones who were'nt ready came knocking later and Jesus told them to go away. Read it for yourself.

TODAY is the day for you to prepare yourself. TODAY is the day to WAKE UP. TODAY is the day to be watching. Jesus is COMING LIKE A THIEF. Those who mock the "secret" rapture, mock Jesus. Jesus is the one who said he's coming LIKE A THIEF. Guess how thieves come to a house? IN SECRET. Mock at your own peril. God told Noah to come into the ark, THEN THE DOOR WAS SHUT AND JUDGEMENT FELL. Lot was told to come out of Sodom. God told Lot that judgement WOULD NOT fall on Sodom until Lot left. We were told that it will be for us JUST LIKE NOE AND LOT. Read it for yourself. For the first time in my life my spirit senses the acute shortness of time in a way that is unlike any other time. I get the distinct impression that the "thief" is about to show up and do some snatching (harpazo-rapture). Could my impression be off base, its possible. We are not responsible for when the rapture happens, that's our God's department, we are responsible to WATCH AND BE READY. Based on my intuition, I intend to do just that, but on a higher level. If nothing happens this next week or two except maybe the world collapsing around our heads, then I will continue to watch, be ready and pray.

The answer to all our concerns, problems, troubles etc is Jesus Christ, the son of God. We should always pray and not faint (Luke 18). What an incredible thing it will be if the rapture does occur during Yom Teru'ah (The Feast of Trumpets) 2008. It could happen, I'm not saying it will, but I am saying its very possible. BE WATCHING, BE READY. On the day that Jesus comes back for us, nothing, I mean NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER, except for your standing with him, period. A part of me finds all this hard to grasp. Another part of me is on fire, telling me to BE READY. Soon we will find out whats going to happen. Love, grace and peace be to you who are in Christ Jesus.