Friday, September 12, 2008

Rapture Thoughts This Morning

I want to restate this morning that I have NOT predicted that the rapture will occur within the next 30-60 days.

I have NOT prophesied ANYTHING

With that out of the way, what have I said? THERE ARE SIGNS EVERYWHERE pointing to the closeness of the rapture. I HAVE SAID that we should increase our watchfulness and readiness to go, should the rapture occur.

There's a big difference between predicting that the rapture will occur, and telling you to be ready for it in case it does happen. Big, huge difference.

We are watchmen, WATCHING for our Lords return. When you are watching, guess what, you might SEE SOMETHING? pretty radical idea huh?

As a watchman, what have I seen?

Well, I know the rapture is coming, I've seen that in the bible.
I've also seen in the bible the phrase "no man knows the day or hour" which points directly to
a. The rapture
b. The feast of trumpets/Rosh Hashanah
c. Jewish wedding ceremony/our wedding to Christ

I see LOTS of indicators that something really extraordinary is about to happen to this world in the near future (centered around late Sept/early Oct)

and guess what sits smack dab in the middle of late Sept/early Oct? THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS, which points to the rapture.

What will or will not happen, I have no idea, what I do know, is that we are to be watching and ready. Half the virgins in Matt 25 did'nt get to go to the wedding because they were'nt ready. Only a few are going to make it into heaven, don't you want to be one of them (Matt 7:14)?

We are promised an escape from ALL thats about to happen. If things are getting ready to "happen" down here, does'nt it make sense to start looking for Jesus? When these things BEGIN TO HAPPEN, look up, your redemption draws near. That's what the bible says.

We have very clear instructions from the Lord that we are to WATCH AND PRAY that we may be counted worthy to escape all thats about to happen and stand before Jesus. I take that command very seriously, you should to.

What if the Lord comes back for us sometime over the next 30 days? What then? Think about what you should be thinking and doing today to ensure you are ready to go. Put this world behind you. Yea, we have to carry on with our lives until the moment he comes, but don't be caught unprepared. Remember the virgins, remember lot's wife, remember Jesus is coming like a thief, remember that most people won't be ready, remember that most people won't be watching. The herd is running full throttle right over a cliff, stop following them. The good shepherd has a peaceful place set aside for us, make sure you are found worthy of going to it.

I asked the Lord AGAIN last night and this morning if he would give me anything else to say. The only things that resonate are WATCH, PRAY, BE READY. I asked him again if I should take down my post about the feast of trumpets and the rapture. Searching inside, I think once again the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. For some reason the answer NO to taking down anything I've written about the rapture being soon is rock solid. Should I take it down I ask...NO is the inner witness. So I'm hammering the point home again. I'm not predicting when the rapture will happen, but it is coming, that's a fact. You and I should be watching and ready for it. I'm done for now, grace and peace