Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earthquake in "Christchurch" New Zealand

This writer usually does not address topics such as this, however, where the Spirit prompts, I must follow. Notice with me that "Christchurch" was recently literally shaken violently. Those with eyes that see should consider the implications of such an event on the physical and spiritual level.

Earthquakes are one of the signature events of the book of Revelation. The book is full of them. As we move through the beginning of the end of all things as we know them in this world, the church will be judged first:

1 Peter 4:17 For the time [is come] that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if [it] first [begin] at us, what shall the end [be] of them that obey not the gospel of God?

As it was written here in days past, the church's time of "testing" is right now. Our time of judgement is right now. The world has something else coming to it. The world has something much much worse in store for it. The church is not treated like the world, it never has been and it never will be. There is a time coming when the church will be removed and the Lord's dealing with mankind will be changed. Israel was not treated like the church, the world is not treated like the church. Jesus is the difference. What was done by the Son of God on the cross is awe inspiring for those who understand it.

We would be wise to get our "house" in order today. There are signs in the sun, moon and stars today, just as the Lord said there would be. We were told to "look up" when all these things begin to happen:

Luke 21:25

... “And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of
nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the wave

Luke 21:28 ...

... So when all these things begin to happen, stand and
look up, for your salvation is near!"

Look up is what we were told to do. Things have begun to happen that we were told would happen which means we should "look up". If you look up these days you'll see alot of chemtrails so you literally cannot see the way you should see. If you "look up" using software such as "google sky" and other astronomic viewing engines, you will see sections of the sky blacked out/excised/censored so you cannot see what is up there (if you look in the right places). Why would "the powers that be" not want us to look up?

As with many things, there are at least two meanings behind all true wisdom:

Job 11:6

and disclose to you the secrets of wisdom, for true wisdom has two sides.

We are to "look up" both physically and spiritually. The powers that be in this world do not want you seeing something that is visible in the skies...right now.

Hatred of Christianity and the Escape

Every day that goes by, more people come out of the woodwork to display their hatred of Christianity. Many if not most Christians fall into the category of one of the 5 churches of revelation that are threatened by Jesus. "Christians" today refuse to take the Word of God at face value. They refuse to accept the Word as a child would because they are sooooooo smart, and soooooo edumacated that they now know better than even Jesus what Jesus "meant to say" in the bible.

Jesus said there is an escape from all that is about to happen and we are to pray for it. Many refuse to do this, they refuse to obey and they verbally and personally attack any who do believe. Woe unto them. Noah escaped, Lot escaped, some of us will escape IF we are found worthy. These things are written to you today in fear and trembling.

Everything that can be shaken in this world, is being shaken. You don't need this writer to tell you that. You can see it with your own eyes. Many can even feel it in many different ways. If your roots are not deep, if you do not really believe, you may be in danger of being uprooted by the shaking going on in the world:

Hebrews 12:27 And this [word], Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.

The Lord reminded this reader of something very encouraging recently. We have been called to grace (through faith) and peace. We have been called to mercy and forgiveness. What is it about these things that people find so distasteful? We have been called into a simple faith in Jesus Christ. What the world scorns is highly treasured in the Kingdom of Heaven, and what the world treasures is scorned by our Kingdom. Believing like a child is mocked by this world. The worldly think they are sooooo smart these days. Don't you know, they have technology! Yet with all mankinds pomp, they still cannot cure the common cold....
While this world mocks, while hatred of the way of truth advances, while those who call themselves "christians" turn away, every Word written in the Bible is coming true. As more scorn and abuse is heaped upon believers, this writer becomes more firmly entrenched in his belief. The evidence is stacking up that every Word that came from the mouth of God is true. Isn't it ironic that as the evidence mounts for the accuracy of the bible, more turn away? How strange. Events are unfolding precisely as the bible said they would.

Keep the faith. Be sure of what you believe in. Get your revelation of what is happening in the world from God Himself, from Jesus Christ. The words of men cannot feed and satisfy you, only the Word of God can do that. The Holy Spirit always points you toward Jesus Christ. This writer is pointing you towards Jesus Christ. He is the only answer we need. He is all sufficient, more than willing and able to meet every need we have. Be patient. While this world suffers through the beginning of sorrows, we who believe have this treasure in jars of clay, a peace that transcends all understanding. Thanks be to God for all His kindnesses towards us who believe!

Theses are the thoughts this writer believes the Lord has impressed upon him over the past few days. Grace and peace