Monday, May 02, 2011

Prayer and Praise

Just a short note today to give you a couple things.


It was written here recently that I haven't been feeling the closeness of the Lord that I normally do. This writer believes the change in feeling is due to the war around us heating up. What to do about it? Praise Him more. The praise of our mouth cuts through the heavens like a giant razor and our Lord responds to it. Our Lord rides down from His high and lofty seat to right where we are on the river of praise that comes from our lips (that is, when we create that river..).

If you want to experience the Lord's presence more than you do now. Open your mouth, and let His praises start to come out of it. Do not stop praising Him until you get that 'release' to stop praising. We need the Lord's presence, now more than ever.


The spiritual war around us is heating up, and now many of us can literally feel it. This, along with our many needs requires us to pray and this writer would like to encourage you today with his testimony about prayer. The Lord has been answering prayers. The Lord does answer prayer. That is my testimony. Keep at it, don't stop. Flood the Lord with all kinds of prayers and requests of every kind. Keep at it until you have what you have been praying for or until the Lord tells you to pray for something else.

This writer is finding that each day has become a struggle. Something is going on around us and whatever that something is, its something that I have not felt or experienced before and I do not like it. Something is happening. Something is coming. Things are not "business as usual" anymore. If you have been feeling this way too, just realize that you are not alone.

There's alot we can do about our situation. We can pray, and we can praise. I am convinced that with these two weapons we can move mountains. Don't give up, be persistent. Be a spiritual soldier who keeps at his commanders business till the very very end. You just have to make it through one day at a time, that's all. Our Lord said that each day has enough trouble of its own, don't worry about tomorrow. To that I say..AMEN.

that's all for today. grace and peace

p.s. Why is it I don't write more? Answer: I could care less about reading my own words. If I don't have something from the Lord, I should not, and do not post. So I wait to write until I have something from Him. That's why I don't post as often as I would like to. I have to wait on the Master to do things in His time, not mine.