Thursday, October 02, 2008

Borrowed Time

You are living on BORROWED TIME right now. The Lord spoke to my spirit this morning about this. This is something you will be reading more of. Most of the time it takes something terrible to happen to people before they wake up and "smell the roses." Guess what? You as a human being are the highlight of God's creation. The angels all WATCH YOU with fascination. Why would the angels watch us with fascination? Because WE INHERIT THE KINGDOM, not them. Wanna know why Satan HATES US so much? Everything he has lusted after and WILL NEVER GET is about to be handed over to us AS A GIFT on a silver platter. WE INHERIT THE KINGDOM. You inherit as long as you are "in Christ." Find out what it means to be "in Christ" and to REMAIN "in Christ." In my opinion those are the two most key words in the entire bible..."IN CHRIST." As a human, you were created differently from the animals. What sets you apart from them? For starters, you have the ability to LEARN LESSONS WITHOUT getting clobbered by them. For example I saw what happened when the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl ruptured and killed thousands with radioactivity. I don't need to be exposed to radioactivity to know that if anything like Chernobyl happens in the coming days, I should run the other way. Likewise, you have the ability to "smell the roses" TODAY, without having the hammer of life clobber you on the head.

We are living on borrowed time. Only when you recognize that there is no time left, can you REALLY start to smell the roses. You MUST have the Holy Spirit living within you to understand how short time really is. I could blog, shout and kick you in the rear until the year 3000 and you still would'nt "get it" without him. The attitude of a person who knows that the tribulation is at our doorstep, AND knows there is an escape (Luke 21:36) is fundamentally different from people who think there are years and years left before Jesus shows up. When you begin to "get it" deep down inside, that there is no time left, it will change how you look at everything. You WILL watch and work to be ready. You will pray to be counted worthy of the escape thats coming. You will treat people nicer when everyone around you looks like living dead.

You are living on borrowed time, yea, i said it again. One way or another, most people you see around you today will be DEAD soon. Say what? Yea, you ARE looking at living dead all around you today. Follow me on this 'complex' reasoning drill. Talk to anyone who calls themself a christian (apostate or not) prophesy 'expert,' and ask them if they think the tribulation is coming soon. Almost all of them say..YEA. Okay, so the tribulation will be here soon. What does that mean? Lots of dead people. The opening salvo of the tribulation is over 2 BILLION, biting the dust. Then all the rest follows and when you do the revelation math it adds up to about 60% of the worlds population dead. This event is perched right before us like a cliff that nobody sees. WAKE UP. Ask Jesus for his Spirit. You ARE living on borrowed time. Smell the roses, WATCH, PRAY, BE READY.

I don't know when the rapture will happen, I don't know when the tribulation starts, I don't need to know. I and you need to be ready and watching when our master shows up. Thats it. Easy enough right? PRAY FOR ESCAPE. Listen up, I DID'NT SAY TO DO THAT.....JESUS DID. Read it again, Luke 21:36, it could'nt be any clearer, you ARE COMMANDED TO PRAY FOR ESCAPE. If you don't do it, shame on you.

grace and peace