Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rapture Watch-HIGH

Rosh Hashanah rapture watch ended last night at sundown, and regular old HIGH alert rapture watch took over. If we are still around next Rosh Hashanah, I'll go through the same exercise. It would be a mistake to lower our watchfulness or readiness by one iota today. Do you know what I see right before us? THE TRIBULATION. I'm not the only one who sees it. Just about anyone who calls themself a christian will tell you they think something BIG is about to happen.

If the tribulation is almost here, that means the anti-christ is waiting in the wings, TODAY. Since we've read our bibles, we are'nt particularly watching "for" the anti-christ or the tribulation, WE ARE WATCHING FOR JESUS, isn't that what your bibles tell you to do, over and over and over again? WATCH, or I will come to you like a thief, remember? We are told to be WATCHING and ready IN EVERY SEASON. That means TODAY.

Whatever you need to do, to keep youselves motivated, thats what you should do. KEEP WATCHING. In addition to watching, ask the Lord what things you need to work on to perfect your way before him, so you will be counted worthy to escape all thats about to happen. There is AN ESCAPE coming, thats a FACT. And its not just any old escape, its an escape from ALL. You know, some people say "the rapture" isn't in the bible. I just laugh, then say, "oh yea? Well you're right, the word "rapture" isn't, but guess what IS in the bible? A promise to some people that they can ESCAPE ALL that's about to happen." That pretty much deflates that line of reasoning and they go slinking off. Probably the most absurd thing I've ever read is some guy named Tim Mchyde, who call his website He has "escape all these things" plastered everywhere, then when you buy his stuff he proceeds to tell you that you'll ESCAPE NOTHING. Liars and thieves like Mr Mchyde are EVERYWHERE. I speak harshly of these men, but can you show me anywhere in the bible where we are told to sugar coat our words to them? We are to HAVE ZEAL for our Father's kingdom. If a person is a thief and a liar, then that's what they should be called. Jesus does'nt "do" politically correct, neither should we.

The timing of the rapture and the tribulation are in our FATHER'S HAND, nobody else's. When he pulls the trigger on the rapture, this place gets REALLY BAD, REALLY QUICK. I don't know the day of hour when Jesus will show up, neither do you. I do know that today......TODAY you need to be ready and watching. Be the servant that is found watching when Jesus shows up. The post-trib, pre-wrath, mid-trib crowd are NOT looking for Jesus today, nor are they praying to escape all as we are commanded in Luke 21:36. How do I know this? I've read and heard their words. The argue and debate with you till blue in the face that something or another has to happen first BEFORE Jesus comes back, so why look for Jesus today? Ummmmm, BECAUSE HE TOLD US TO? Time is short, your bible, not some hired hand pastor or some guy "selling Jesus" for cash is how you'll draw near to him. Draw near to Jesus and he will draw near to you. Be watching, be ready, love, grace and peace