Monday, October 13, 2008

The Sky is Not Falling?

Today, the stock market had the largest one day increase EVER. Gee brother, I thought you said we were'nt going to see any more good news? Well, if you take 20 steps backwards, then take 10 steps forward, I guess that could be considered good news...

Read Psalm 83, read ezekiel 38-39, read Rev 6-22. Whats coming is DEATH to billions of people, and a satanic world order. Thats a fact. Go back to sleep if you want to, or be watching and ready, its your choice. I've been tasked to warn you to come out of the apostate form of christianity and to be watching for Jesus' soon return. My tasking does not include giving you anything new, its a reminder of whats been written in your bible.

I've already heard the dismissive comments by people who are desperate to hear worldly 'good news.' To them I say "your good news will be short lived." I've been saying that time is short for years now, and Jesus has'nt returned..yet. I'm repeating a message thats thousands of years old now, time is short, repent, NOTHING NEW. Jesus, our master specifically warned people not to get complascent, not to be caught unprepared when he comes back, so you should expect his servants to be saying the same thing. Time is short, this world is in for terrible times in the days ahead. I did'nt say that, JESUS DID. READ YOUR BIBLES. Mock if you want to, time is short. grace and peace