Friday, October 31, 2008

Meet the Neighbors Night

The world knows today as halloween, I call it "meet the neighbors night." Its always amusing to watch churchianity fawn all over pagan holidays like christ-MASS, and eoster
then they hole themselves up in their 'sanctuary' for halloween for a 'fall festival' or whatever....

I can tell you that if the Jesus I know was out and about on any night of the year, it would be tonight. The holier than thou crowd constantly criticized Jesus for eating with prostitutes and tax collectors. They never did "get it" did they?

Tonight, instead of holing up in a dark house hiding from the neighbors, I'll sit outside and hand out candy to kids. And NO, I won't be hammering them over the head with Jesus either. My Jesus did'nt roll like that. He never forced himself on anyone. What will I do? I will be ready to respond to the Holy Spirits lead, to speak with anyone about whats going on in our world today and how it all points to the Son of God. Wherever the Holy Spirit leads, I will follow. Remember this, YOU AND I ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BUILDING THE CHURCH, JESUS IS. Matthew 16:18 ... "I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. Thats another area where churchianity has gotten too big for its britches. They would say to me YOU'RE DOING NOTHING if you are'nt building the church. 99.99% of churchianities problem come from overstepping their bounds. I am IN CHRIST, I am a follower OF CHRIST, but I am NOT CHRIST. HE is the head of the church, not you ....HE will build his church, NOT YOU. The surest recipe for failure I know is a man taking on a task God has appointed for himself.

I am responsible for being obedient, watching and ready, when Jesus says jump, I'll respond with YES SIR, HOW HIGH? Jesus and the apostles did'nt stand on corners and hand out tracts, or ambush people as they walked by saying "hey have you heard about me?" The church needs to study carefully what JESUS DID'NT DO as much as what he did do. Follow the Spirit, He leads you follow, its that simple.

Each person celebrates days or does'nt celebrate days TO THE LORD. We live in him, to him, for him. My Jesus would be OUT tonight. He'd be among the sinners, he was AMONG THEM, but he was'nt them. You decide what you're going to do tonight, as long as its TO THE LORD, FOR HIM, my guess is whether its hiding in your house or handing out candy, you'll be fine. I cannot 'celebrate' halloween, but I have no problem meeting the neighbors. Who knows what conversations the Holy Spirit will inspire.

love grace and peace