Saturday, November 01, 2008

Putting Today in Context

With all the things going on in the world today, we can find comfort in knowing what the future holds. We don't have to guess like everyone else. Our Father tells us the end from the beginning. What has our Father told us to expect next?

Looking at the book of revelation, it appears this is the sequence for the beginning of the end:

Rev 1,2,3 Jesus speaking to the churches-----------GET RIGHT AND STAY RIGHT
Rev 4 A door open in heaven, come up here-------THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH
Rev 5 A FEW....REDEEMED MEN IN HEAVEN from every tribe tongue and nation, AND a SLAIN BODY in heaven-----see Luke 21:37---rapture rapture rapture written all over it
Rev 6 Jesus (not satan) opens the SEALS and the tribulation horrors are unleashed

There are those who say that today is just like 'bad times' in years past, and we'll 'get through this' like we always have in the past. At least, thats what they are hoping for. I would argue that today is NOTHING LIKE the bad times of yesteryear, and WE AINT SEEN NOTHING YET for 'bad times.' Even the most optimistic of the financial prognosticators on TV are now acknowledging that we are now in a mess that wont be over anytime soon. Again, financially speaking, there have NEVER been CDS-credit default swaps, derivatives and the other casino style financial instruments that now exist to threaten the entire world financial system. It will take a MIRACLE to prevent total, absolute financial COLLAPSE in this world in the near future, that is..over the next 12 months or so.

What will happen if the entire world financial system collapses? CHAOS
Men in positions of power in todays world believe in ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. That order will be instituted by the man of sin, also known as the anti-christ.

So....without having to get into any complex hypothesizing, we can see the very real, very possible, very IN YOUR FACE tribulation world. Its right there, not down the road, RIGHT THERE in front of YOU. Theres no question in my mind that our Lord, who IS IN CHARGE, can extend or shorten the timeline to match his will so its impossible to nail down anything. The bible tells us if we dont watch, he will show up, come upon us 'like a thief' but if we ARE watching, it should not be like that. Can't you see it coming?

With 1000 point drops in a day for the stock market, things could get very ugly in a matter of days...any day now. Something else to note about these last days we are living in today is how naturally things seem to flow together. When you read the bible, there are many dramatic events in there that would make you think 'hmmm, surely if people see THAT happen, they'll know that GOD did it.' Not so fast....the world and the devil are actively spinning/lieing events to explain them away as anything BUT bible prophesy being fulfilled. So standing here on earth, things look like bad days on earth, but not necessarily END TIMES bad days. You have to be WATCHING to see whats really going on.

The next event to happen is the pre-tribulation rapture of A FEW true believers who are left on this earth. There are many on earth today who call themselves christians but are carrying ALOT of baggage and probably will not make it out. Only half the virgins in Matt 25 were READY when the bridegroom showed up. From what I've seen throughout the bible, the numbers are much fewer than half. It's always a REMNANT that is spared. The masses never seem to 'get it'....ever. Things have become so volatile now, that any day now things can flip upside down, just like that..BANG, in one day. The two most proximate events are RAPTURE and WAR. The WAR piece includes the anti-christ being revealed and the peace treaty made with Israel, which is how the world should KNOW that the anti-christ is among them. That's also the event that starts the 7 year clock to Jesus return on the mount of olives.

We don't have to guess what the future holds, we already know. Rev 1-3 is Jesus speaking to the churches, telling them where they stand and what they need to do to be RIGHT STANDING with him. Righteousness is right standing. What is the Spirit saying to the churches TODAY? Read Rev 2-3. Thats where we are today. Thats where we will stay until Jesus flips the page over to Rev 4, OPENS THE DOOR IN HEAVEN AND SAYS.............COME UP HERE.

The message to you today is not a new one, its an old one: REPENT for the kingdom of heaven is near. If you are "in Christ" the kingdom of heaven is INSIDE YOU. He is the vine, you are a branch. "IN the vine" you are saved. If you are a branch that the Father CUTS OFF and throws into the fire......well, you figure out what that means (John 15). Time is short, keep the faith, be strong. The Lord is with us and in us, of whom should we be afraid?

grace and peace