Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Coming Prosperity

Recently the Lord impressed me with the words 'the coming prosperity.' I have been seeking His face about what the future holds, and what has muddled through has to do with prosperity. That's interesting seeing as how there's nothing but doom to see today and the near term future. As I was out on my Saturday morning run, He dropped all kinds of thoughts into my mental inbox, kind of like handing me all kinds of different pieces to a puzzle. Most of the pieces we already know, of course, they all come from the bible. So, although I see the same economic argmageddon you do coming our way, the Lord now has me thinking about the coming prosperity. I've been saying 'time is short' and we are staring into the mouth of the tribulation for some time now, I don't think that has changed.

How strange will it be for the tribulation to be kicked off during a time of prosperity? Jesus will be opening seals that cause judgement and massive death on this world, and the world will be economically prospering? That's the picture thats shaping up in my head. Here's something I pieced together, I'm sure there will be tweaks to it, but there are interesting things here to think about...

Remember, I am not predicting anything, this is one way of many ways things could pan out, you decide for yourself what to believe :-)

grace and peace