Monday, November 03, 2008

If This World Could Satisfy

Then people like this would not shoot himself in the head:

All the glitz, all the glamour, all the pimped out rides and bling bling jewelry, fat bank accounts and naked women everywhere, and this guy shoots himself in the head.

Our kingdom is not of this world....THANK GOD. We are looking for something more, something better than the BEST this world has to offer. Some of us are looking for more than this entire world has to give. People chase the world and never catch it, then there are people like this, who get everything there is to get and says....hmmm, this is all empty, POOF, it was just an illusion! Then BAM the gun goes off.

Everyone who turns to the world ends up with empty hands and an empty heart. At what point will people WAKE UP and look for something that actually satisfies? Day after day they chase after the same emptiness. People within the apostate church are NO BETTER OFF. They 'play church' for years with no real sense of fulfillment, they just go through the motions, no passion, NO POWER....WHAT A WASTE. The young people today are partially waking up. I heard a statistic recently that put teenage falling away from churchianity at around 80%!

They see the apostate church for the lie that it is and they are saying LATER! Unfortunately they are like many others who throw true christianity (the bride) out with the prostitute. I heard some of the apostate leaders lamenting the great defection and wondering what they could do to keep kids involved with the great whore, aka churchianity. The world is being setup to reject all the 'old' religions, to include (especially) true christianity. Something NEW is on the way. A NEW WORLD ORDER, which includes a new world religious system is coming to a town near you....SOON. Away with the old, in with the new, thats how it works.

People are being systematically disenfranchised with EVERYTHING that has to do with the 'old way' of doing things. ALL leaders in todays world are being exposed...why? The powers that be WANT you to see them as corrupt. They WANT you to be so sick and tired of the same old same old, that YOU WILL BEG THEM for the new (satanic) system. The (s)election tomorrow is a case study in this way of doing things. Obama was brought up hating white people(read his books), with a side dish of militant islam, but he PROMISES CHANGE! What's the alternative? John McBush? They play the same game everywhere, all the time, and the game is almost up, time for some change alright, but you are'nt going to like it.....

Your answer is in Christ Jesus alone. HE is the answer to our problems. HIS KINGDOM come, his will be done. Chosing evil, even the lesser of evils is STILL CHOOSING EVIL. Vote? Yea, for Jesus, and HES NOT ON THE BALLOT....go figure.

His kingdom is coming, and he will implement it with an IRON ROD. No votes necessary :-))))))))

grace and peace