Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obamas Gods of War

The two things that loom largest in the world's future are war and the escape. It appears that Mr Obama is not the peace loving, withdraw from the war zones guy he advertised to the world during his initial days campaigning for president. He has assembled a war cabinet that would make Dick Cheney green with envy. We knew that John McBush was going to drag us into never ending war, now we also know that Obama will as well.

If any of these war plans that Obama is drawing up involve Israel, then we are really in for a ride. Study your history, Israel finishes its wars quickly. We could wake up one morning, be at war, and the whole world could look different one week later. War has a transformative effect. We know that this world is transforming already, and war is a catalyst that speeds that process up. We've been at war for the past 7 years, now we can look forward to more war. War spending also props up the economy. Without all the war spending we would already be in a depression, perhaps we would be just recovering from one that should have started around the time of 9/11. Since the powers that be decided to band aid the wounds of our country instead of fix them, the price we will have to pay in the end will be much higher, and it will take much longer to see any kind of prosperity again.

Anything is possible with our God, but without His intervention in this world we are on the fast track into the mouth of the tribulation. America's government cannot keep printing money out of thin air forever. A time of reckoning is coming. Economic hard times produce hitlers and lenins, what will this economic downturn produce?

The Lord tells us to watch and pray that we may be counted worthy to escape all thats about to happen, I intend to do just that. Time is short.

grace and peace