Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Revolution, Riots, Depression Etc

That's whats coming. I've been saying 'we ain't seen bad yet,' watch this:

Revolution, riots, rebellion, marches, depression, GREATER than the great depression, that's what this guy, who has been more right than wrong in the past says is coming.

There's a price for rejecting the truth. There's a price for kicking the true Jesus out, and installing false christs instead. There's a price, and the people of this world are about to find out how grievous and sick and painful it is to reject the living God. Read your bibles, look at what happened to the Jews in the old testament when they fell into sin and apostasy over and over again, they paid a price.

So called christianity would have you believe that you can make a 20 second 'decision for Jesus' then live the rest of your life however you want. They preach blessing blessing blessing instead of repentance repentance repentance.

Another point Mr Celente makes is that christmas is going to be less about shopping and more about putting food on the table and holiness, and 'what a surprise' he says to actually put God back into something that was supposed to be about him to begin with. This is an example, of good things coming out of bad. If even 1 more person makes it into heaven out of these horrid times we live in, then it was worth it. When things get bad, more people turn to the Creator, that's a good thing.

"Americans are going to be taking a hit like they've never seen before" that's a quote from the video. Bury your head if you want to, this thing is coming whether the world is ready for it or not.

The host of this clip asks "what do we have to do today to prevent CHAOS tomorrow?" Chaos....exactly, thats whats coming. We have a book that tells us EXACTLY how this story ends. We know what's coming, the question has always been, how close are we to this end time script 'going live.' A look around at the scenery tells me, we have to be close. These days are unlike any in history. The hallmark of the end times that tells us we are at the end is APOSTASY. Yep, the name of this blog tells us where we are. There has never been the apostasy of the church like we have it today. Jesus has zero, nada, nothing good to say about the laodicean church, what does the church look like today? Laodicea. Lukewarm, no power, no prophets, no love. Comparing the church we see in the bible to what calls itself the church today shows us stark contrasts. There are no 'one man show' pastors in the bible. The bible shows us the church as a family, not a business. There is a CEO, his name is JESUS, not your pastor.

What calls itself the church is rotten from the foundations up, everything about it is wrong. As I've shown many times, the fact that the Holy Spirit still works within churchianity gives churchianity a false sense of security. What does Matt 7:21 say about people who did all kinds of things in Jesus name, but Jesus did not know them? The Holy Spirit is at work everywhere, all the time, He does'nt take time off. Why will so few people make it into the kingdom of heaven Matt 7:14...WHY?

There's a price to pay for rejecting the true Son of God and his Father who is forever praised. Men do not love the truth, and for this reason, God will send them a GREAT DELUSION that they may believe a lie. It did'nt have to be this way. For many people, its not too late to get right and stay right with Jesus, but time is running out. What will it take to get people's attention? Riots? revolution? chaos? death? fear? destruction? Well that's whats coming so we'll see what it takes...soon.

There is an escape for a few who are found worthy of it. Read Matt 25 and the parable of the virgins. Read Luke 21:36, it tells you about an escape from ALL thats about to happen. We are to pray to be counted worthy of it. I pray for you if you are 'in Christ' along with my family and myself, that we may be counted worthy of that escape. Please keep me and my family in your prayers as well.

The least of the servants of Jesus Christ salutes you, grace and peace