Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So Called Christianity Discredited

Well, so called christianity had 8 years to prove to the world that they had some wisdom, some sound judgement. The 'evangelicals' told the world to vote for George Bush TWICE and both times he got in. 8 years....For 8 years the world watched as so called christianity 'got involved' in politics and voted in their 'man of God,' George Bush. All that time, EIGHT YEARS and look at this place, look around you.

After 8 years of so called christianity 'changing the world for Jesus' by voting and 'getting involved' what have they produced? WRECKAGE. George Bush did more to destroy America than any other president in history. The military is in shambles, the economy is about to go belly up, homosexuality has exploded, abortions have continued unabated, the apostasy of the church has continued to explode, the country is in ruins.

The world watched as churchianities president brought america to its knees. This time, in 2008, after 8 years of churchianities judgement, people decided that enough was enough. The world has seen how absolutely CLUELESS so called churchianity is. The judgement and wisdom so called christianity has displayed over the past 8 years has led to scorn and contempt for the way of truth, true christianity.

After 8 years, churchianity has been thoroughly discredited. Where is their wisdom? Where is their power? Where is discernment? Where are their prophets? Where is their judgement? Answer: in the toilet. Thats what chasing false christs will get you. Churchianity has been in bed with the world now for as far back as I can remember, and the world is about to kick her out.

So called churchianity hopped in bed with the world to 'change the world for Jesus,' forgetting, or willfully neglecting the word of God that says OUR KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD. They say "well, we are supposed to occupy until Jesus comes back" Really? Where does it say that in the bible? I've never seen it. So called christianity has been exposed once again as the fraud it is. They turned to the world for change instead of turning to the King of Kings.

Did you know that Jesus does'nt need anyone's vote to change the world? That's a fact. You have been told to PRAY for those in authority. You have been told that the Lord directs the hearts of kings (SO PRAY). You have been told what faith the size of a mustard seed can do. You have been told what fervent prayer of a righteous man can do. All of these things don't add up to much in so called christianities estimation. They wanted John McBush to change the world for them instead, how sickening.

Obama is a crook and a liar, every bit as bad as McBush. The thought occured to me last night, that the outcome of the (s)election would tell us what kind of timeline we are on to the tribulation. McBush would have continued the slide into the abyss at the same rate as Bush, they are two peas in the same pod. Obama, I think, will lead this country and the world into the tribulation much faster. What you need to remember is JESUS IS STILL IN CONTROL. The Father runs the timeline of this world, NOT obama.

We are told to be watching and ready. I'm watching, and doing the good that I can do to whoever comes across my path from day to day. Change that you can believe in will come when Jesus Christ sets his feet down on the mount of olives in the not too distant future. Churchianity has proven over the past 8 years that it is utterly ROTTEN, no salt, no light. Why put your trust in a man made organization when you can trust in the living Christ?

If you want the truth, you can find it, but you have to REALLY WANT IT, not kind of want it. No man can open your eyes to the truth, only the Spirit of God can do that. Read Proverbs 2 about what it takes to understand what the truth really is. You have to search for it like hidden treasure, no kick a little sand around and call it a day, or pay some hired hand pastor to go find it for you.

Time is short, the party is over. We have'nt even seen the beginning of the financial crisis yet, and people are partying like obama is really going to change things for them. He will, but in ways so dark and so unpleasant they will wish they belonged to another kingdom. The time to 'get it' is today, not when the mask has been taken off and you see the forked tongue and horns. Today is the day of salvation, today is a day of grace. The Father's mercy is still extended to this dying world. We don't have tomorrow, we have today. I expect things to get MUCH WORSE over this next year. If we are as close to the end as I think we are, things will go to hell in a handbasket in short order. I have'nt been given any prophetic words besides what we have in our bibles, given to all of us.

We were told to watch, I'm watching. From where I'm standing, I expect this world to continue the slide into the tribulation world that I see clearly, plainly sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. The Lord determines the timing of things, he can extend or shorten events and time as he sees fit. I think time is very short. Perhaps some morning the Lord will give one or two words to confirm where we stand in this worlds timeline. Until that happens, we have our eyes and ears to watch and read the book that tells us already whats going to happen. The next events on the horizon are the escape and war.

Be watching, be ready. Draw close to the Son of God and he will draw near to you. Forsake him, and he will forsake you, go look it up in your bible.

grace and peace