Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time to the End

Although we do not know exactly where we are on the end time timeline, we do know we are in the end times. As I have said before, the apostasy of the church is a huge marker telling you that we are close to the end. This morning I get up and read this:

Shake-up ahead in world financial structure
a wrenching process that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has dubbed "the birth pangs of this new global order."

The idea of a one world order has gone from conspiracy theory in the past to something spoken openly and frequently by world leaders today. It was economic problems that produced a Hitler. It was economic problems that produced a Lenin, what will todays economic problems produce? Mr Brown of England seems to think it will birth a new (satanic) world order. I think he's right.

The world we live in today is unlike any other period in our history. The new world order talked about by todays world leaders is the system that will force everyone to take the mark of the beast, no doubt about it. The talk of this new world order has put the end of the world, and the tribulatin period squarely in our sights. We don't have to wonder if its coming anymore, its here. This new world order that they talk about is the last manmade government before Jesus comes back to take things over.

If the tribulation is right before us and moving closer by the day, then the rapture of the true church is even closer. Luke 21:36 tells us to pray that we may be counted worthy of this escape, so I pray for you, for my family and myself. Time is short, grace and peace