Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Anti-Christ and The Coming Prosperity

This past week I posted about spending time with the Lord in the morning and having something 'percolate' through to me about prosperity. The next day I think, nah, what prosperity? Once again, the Lord has my attention on prosperity, the coming prosperity. Yea, we know that today things don't look good. We also know that for the forseeable short term future things don't look good, however....

The Lord has me thinking about 'prosperity' so I'm going to go with it.

As a side note: I could care less about being 'right' or 'wrong' personally, in fact, I don't want 'me' in the equation at all, I want to know what God thinks. He is all that matters, so when I'm all over the place with my thoughts, bear with me. Trying to crack the what the future holds takes alot of thought, constant prayer, a healthy dose of correction by the Spirit of God and persistance. The Lord has not given me any, zero prophetic words yet, but He gives me many course corrections to my thinking each and every day. These I share with you on this blog.

Back to the prosperity thing. Here are some of the thoughts the Lord put in my head as I was in my Saturday morning run, one after the other, like dropping puzzle pieces into my mind:

Framework of the future

the coming prosperity

peace and safety

he will destroy many through peace

the truth sometimes stranger than fiction, incredible prosperity during a time of incredible divine judgement

peace, safety, prosperity then sudden destruction.

Looks to me like the tribulation starts sometime around either stable economic conditions or somewhat prosperous ones. The antichrist confirms a covenant with many for one week, this is also said about him Daniel 8:25 ... And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many

peace, prosperity, tribulation .....weird

I'm still thinking about what this all means. How long will it take to transition from the downturn we are in now, to prosperity once again? The answer to that tells us (in my opinion) when we can expect to see the tribulation.

The groundwork is being laid right now for the coming prosperity. The 'old' way is in death spasms, the new way of doing things is coming. This new way, will bring prosperity and the devil and judgement. Its hard to wrap the mind around a world that living in prosperity with the judgements of God raining down all around its head, but thats the way the future looks at the moment. The most dangerous time for men, is when things are going well, not when things are going poorly. People tend to turn to God when they are hard pressed, when things are going well, they turn their back on the Most High.

I think the Spirit spoke to me today about the coming prosperity, thats twice in one week. Because I did'nt 'get it' the first time, He told me again. I got it now. More to follow later..

grace and peace