Monday, October 27, 2008

The End of the World as You Know It

I heard a financial analyst say recently, "what's going on in the markets now is something to be experienced, not analyzed." He said that because NOBODY understands whats going on right now except that its really bad. If you run a trend line through this past month and run it out 5 months, the world will be on its head. There are so many ways this world is in BIG HUGE TROUBLE RIGHT NOW. If you listen to market pundits, they talk about "testing the bottom" every day that the stocks fall lower. If we were testing the bottom, why did stocks go through and BELOW the bottom we were supposed to be testing? What am I talking about? We are living in a time that is UNLIKE ANY OTHER. These days do not compare to the great depression, they will be worse.

The American economy is based on consumer spending, and people have no money to spend, GAME OVER.

We are standing on the edge of a cliff right now, looking over. The only thing thats going to buy this world more time is a miracle from the Creator. Things will happen according to HIS TIMELINE. It appears that now, with things having moved so far along, the Lord is going to allow the floodgates to burst open and all hell to break loose. Most people have no idea just how bad things are about to get. I have asked the Lord how much time is left, so far, no answer from Him. I suspect that what I can see with my own eyes answers the question.

The way things are headed today, all hell is about to break loose. I said it last week, the two most probable outcomes for the near future are civil unrest and war. The United States is flat broke, the dollar isn't worth the paper its printed on anymore, so what happens when China stops accepting dollars for payment? Everything inside your local walmart is made in china so you figure it out.

You may not think so, but this is all GOOD NEWS. The end of the world as we know it is a GREAT THING. Our father, who art in heaven, THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE.. The time to prepare for a storm is before the storm hits, not when its right on top of you. The sky has darkened, the wind is howling outside and its raining and lightning. Ya think a storm is coming? So many people today are still clinging to their lamestream media sweethearts to tell them that everything is going to be ok. What happened to seeking comfort from the Creator?

Isaiah 51:12 "I, even I, am He who comforts you. Who are
... I alone am the one who comforts you. Why, then, are you afraid of mortals, who must die, of humans, who are like grass?

All hell is about to break loose and I am not in the least bit concerned..seriously. I have learned to trust in my God for EVERYTHING. In the same way that He fed the israelites manna in the desert he can feed my family, and he can feed you. Over the past year, I saw the hand of the Lord part the red sea on my families behalf. I HAVE SEEN at least one miracle in my life and countless acts of faithfulness. Our God is alive and well and IN CHARGE. Why should we fear? Why? Trust him and watch what he will do. HUMBLE YOURSELF, he does'nt walk with the proud. I've seen too much from my God to ever doubt him again...EVER. He has come through over and over and over again for me. I write this to YOU, because I am the LEAST of the Lords servants. I'm working on myself, to improve and to please him more each day, but I have alot of work to do. I am working to achieve PERFECTION for him. With time this short, will I ever achieve it? No, but its the heart our God is looking at. WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART FOR HIM TODAY? What will you do for him? Are you consumed with him? He is everything, we are nothing. Why do I need to be 'somebody' when I am IN HIM? He is greater than all creation, and we are in him...put that in your pipe and smoke it for awhile.

From my vantage point as a watchman on the wall, time is INCREDIBLY SHORT. The rapture is the next major event to occur before the tribulation starts, and I can see the tribulation world ALL AROUND US TODAY, just waiting to break its bands and engulf the world. There is still A RESTRAINER at work holding the antichrist and his demonic world at bay. For how much longer only the Lord knows. He has'nt left us blind dumb and deaf though, LOOK AROUND YOU. Are people desperate for peace and safety today? Yea, they are. Did the bible say anything about that? Yes, it did. Wake up.

There is an escape from ALL thats about to happen (luke 21:36). Some will be kept from the hour of trial that will come upon ALL the earth (Rev 3:10). The Holy Spirit ALWAYS points to Jesus. I am pointing you to Jesus, the true son of God. He is our answer for EVERYTHING. What can be thrown at us that He cannot handle? If his Spirit is living inside you, what do you have to worry about? Do you think he's unaware of what you are facing? He is looking for one thing from you...ALL OF YOU. He wants all of you. He deserves all of you. Give him all of you and he will give you all of himself. He's getting the short end of the deal everytime. A perfect God came down to die for us, why should he? Who are we that he should do such things for us? We are all no more than unworthy servants, doing our duty. We love him because HE LOVED US FIRST.

I'm done for today, things are coming undone in this world. FEAR is here, and its going to get ALOT worse for those who are not 'in Christ.' You can't fake it, you either are, or you will be consumed. Stop messing around and get right with him, stay right with him. He is your answer, regardless of what your problem is. The greatest family reunion the universe has EVER seen is just around the corner. Love, grace and peace