Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get Out and Vote?

As we get closer to the election, so called christian leaders and teachers are exercising their 'scriptural authority' to tell you to vote for the right candidate. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you have a responsibility NOT TO VOTE. Here's a simple question for you: which kingdom do you belong to? The one NOT OF THIS WORLD, or the kingdoms of this world? If you are of this world and you belong to its kingdoms, then by all means vote.

Which issues in Roman or Jewish politics did Jesus take up when he walked the earth? Which group did he 'back' in the political process? Did Jesus attempt to 'take Rome for Jesus' by 'getting involved?' There was just as much going on politically when Jesus walked the earth as there is right now, and yet he mentions ZERO, NOTHING, NADA about 'getting involved' in the politics of his day. Why? HE WAS BUSY BUILDING HIS OWN KINGDOM. The kingdom of Jesus Christ the Son of God is not of this world. If you vote for either one of the criminals up for election in a couple weeks, then all their sins are on your head, you have cast your lot with them.

I recently read some so called christian saying that their biggest issues are anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality and they are voting along those lines, so that means they are voting for Juan Mccain. From a worldly perspective lets look at how ridiculous this is. 1. Is John Mccain going to stop abortion in this country? NO 2. These same so called christians told you to vote for Jorge Bush for the same reasons, can you tell me how many babies were saved as a result of voting for George Bush? NOT ONE 3. So its not okay to kill babies in the womb (its not ok) but it IS OKAY to send them to their death when they are 18 years old in Iraq or Iran? Vote for Mr. bomb bomb bomb Iran? What ever happened to "blessed are the peacemakers?" I guess all the John Mccain so called christians conveniently forgot about that. On homosexuality, the same people telling you now to vote for Mccain, told you to vote for Bush, and homosexuality has done what over the last 8 years? ITS GROWN BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS.

John Mccain is every bit the anti-christ heathen that obama is. They are both ROTTEN, but many so called christians have decided to cast their lot with one of the devils sons (Mccain) because he says that he has this or that stand on issue X. Worldly men speak from the world's perspective. If any man claims to be a christian and tells you that its your duty to vote, dont say another word to him and RUN the other way. Todays so called christianity is so in bed with the world, they are so corrupt that they have become indistinguishable from the world exept for the jargon they throw around. Todays apostate churchianity looks like the world, they talk like the world, they walk like the world, they speak like the world, so what kind of a stretch is it to say THEY ARE OF THIS WORLD. A friend of the world is an enemy of God, period, look it up for yourself.

Ever notice how the Jews througout the ages have kept to themselves, they stayed amongst each other. They had cleanliness laws and such given by the lord. They could'nt go among the heathen or they would be considered ceremonially unclean. Why? Once again, the question is, was that just for the jews or was there a lesson in there for us? The lesson is, COME OUT OF THE WORLD, BE SEPERATE, wallowing in the pigsty of the world will leave you filthy. Our destiny is to be kings and priests of the Lord, what business do we have involving ourselves with this world?

Here's a very simple question for you: Did Jesus ever even MENTION involvement in the political process of this world? Did Paul? Did any of the apostles? NO NO AND NO are the answers. Can the kingdom of God be advanced without EVER casting a vote in this world? YES it can, and it is. Feed the poor, take care of widows and orphans, be kind to someone today. We live in a world full of HURTING PEOPLE and your precious political candidates COULD CARE LESS. Do you think mccain or obama gives a whit about you? With electronic voting machines your vote does'nt even count anymore. Stalin said "it does'nt matter who casts the votes, the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS is who counts the votes" Election fraud has been alleged in both of the past two presidential elections. The people committing the vote fraud are the same people so called christianity wants you to vote for.

Your bible is full of instructions on things you can do that will please the Father, voting is NOT one of them. "Getting involved" in this worlds political system is for the blind and ignorant. The blind and ignorant within babylonianity tell you that 'getting involved' and voting are how you make a difference. How UTTERLY FAITHLESS. I know that MOUNTAINS ARE MOVED when I'm on my knees in prayer to the Creator, but that's 'doing nothing' according to apostate churchianity. I know that giving directly to the poor (NOT A DIME FOR THE HIRED HAND PASTORS) advances the kingdom of God, but that's 'doing nothing' according to babylonianity.

You need to choose today which kingdom you are part of. If you are part of the kingdom that is not of this world, then find out what the King of that kingdom wants you to do. If you are part of this worlds kingdoms, then by all means 'get involved' with them. The choice, as always..is yours. Grace and peace